Creating a Basic Campaign

A campaign is a predetermined and finite schedule of events that you can setup in Surefire (also sometimes referred to as a track or activity series). Campaigns can consist of any combination of emails, postal correspondence, and calendar reminders for phone calls. You can create digital-only campaigns in Surefire and use as much as you want at no additional charge. If you incorporate postal correspondence, new campaigns will have a cost associated with them. This is a quick tutorial on creating a basic, digital-only campaign.

  • To access the campaign builder, click the CRM Launch Pad in Surefire. Then click Campaign Builder.
  • Before creating your campaign, make sure that all of the marketing templates you want to use as part of this campaign (emails, cards, letters, etc) are already created. Please see this tutorial for help creating templates. You can also of course use any of the templates that are already available in the Surefire public library.
  • If you incorporate any postal correspondences, when you save your campaign it is sent to Top of Mind for a price quote. Once a price is assigned, the campaign is then sent to your account administrator for approval (since they will be responsible for the bill). Once they approve the campaign, it will show up in your marketing tab for you to use.
  • Phone Call and To Do events need a description assigned so you know why you are calling them at that specific time. Postal and email correspondences don’t necessarily need this since the content is predetermined, but you can add a description if you want.