Basic Forms

Your Lenderama website uses lead capturing web forms that integrate directly into your Surefire System. Please watch this tutorial and follow the steps below to get your forms up and running.

  • Please make sure you have mapped your custom domain name before proceeding with this process.
  • If you ever change your domain name, the forms on your site will break since each form is domain name specific. So keep in mind you will need to repeat this process if you change domain names.
  • Please note once our embed code is pasted into the page and the page is saved, the visual editor of the page becomes unavailable (otherwise the visual editor would strip out our embed code). So please make sure you get a page looking the way you want with the visual editor before embedding our forms.
  • There are 3 forms you need to copy down to your personal folder directory in Surefire (you can copy to the company directory if you are an account admin): Adopt My Mortgage, Quick Quote Form, and Simple Contact Form.
  • Once you copy each form to your personal folder, you must authorize your domain name for each form.
  • There are 3 pages in your Lenderama website that you must add your corms to: Contact Us (form is Simple Contact Form), Adopt My Mortgage (form is Adopt My Mortgage), and Quick Quote (form is Quick Quote Form)
  • You then copy the embed code for each form from Surefire and paste it in the HTML editor of the page at hand in place of the existing form placeholder, which looks something like <!– forms name=”contact us” –>
  • UPDATE: the form place holder may also look like this: FORM GOES HERE
  • There are tons of other cool things you can do with our forms, such as auto-responders and drip campaigns. Please see this more advanced tutorial for more details.