Contact Types

Using Contact Types in Surefire is a great way to very generally identify who a person is in your database. Each Surefire account comes with 5 system default Contact Types, and administrative users for each account can add Custom (or sub) Contact Types under each of the 5 system defaults to more specifically identify who a contact is.

  • The Contact Type (and Custom Contact Type) of each contact record in your Surefire database can be changed at any time (by you or an administrator on your account) by simply clicking the Edit button under a contact record.
  • Surefire comes preloaded with 5 system default / parent contact types that cannot be deleted or modified.
  • Custom Contact Types can be added under any of the system default Contact Types by account administrators.
  • Account administrators can also edit and delete these Custom Contact Types.
  • Custom Contact Types are company-wide, so each user of a multi-user account with all have the same Custom Contact Types. This enables account administrators to do company-wide email blasts targeted to these universal Contact Types.