Custom Web Forms

You can use Surefire’s Custom Forms Engine to create your own web forms that you can embed on any site. The people that fill these forms out are added as contacts to your database. You can also create some rules regarding how people are added to your database from these forms and from your 1003 loan application. Please watch the video and see the bullet points below to learn how to use our forms engine.

  • You can create custom web forms that can be embedded on any website using the forms engine. Each form generates embed code (much like embedding a video) that you can just copy and paste on into the HTML code of a web page.
  • All people that fill out your form on your website can be automatically added as contacts in your Surefire database.
  • You set up each form so that the new contacts that come into your database from this form have a specified contact type, secondary contact type, contact source, and for personal forms you can also specify static groups.
  • You can setup an autoresponder for each form, as well as a custom drip campaign for each form.
  • For help creating an autoresponder email template, please click here. And for help creating a custom drip campaign, please click here.
  • You can setup forms that don’t capture any data to be inserted into Surefire, meaning any entries are simply emailed to you. However, if you are capturing ANY data at all, the minimum requirements are first name, last name, and email address. If you don’t have those 3 fields in your form, the forms engine will throw an error telling you that you must add them.
  • Expanding on the above bullet, if you capture ANY loan data that is to be mapped to Surefire, there is also a minimum requirement. For any loan data to be captured, you must capture closing date, loan program, loan term, loan amount, and loan rate. This is because these are the minimum fields we need in order to monitor their loan for things like the quarterly mortgage checkup and the Surefire refinance rate alerts.
  • You can also use the forms section to specify the above attributes (contact type, secondary contact type, contact source, static groups, and autoresponder) for your 1003 loan application.
  • You can utilize any custom fields you have created in the forms engine as well. Please click here for help with custom fields.
  • To create a form that does not capture any data at all in Surefire and only emails you, then create the form using ONLY fields from the form fields tab.
  • As a security precaution, before you can embed a form on a website, you have to authorize that website for that form. This prevents someone else (say, a hacker) from copying your embed code and pasting into some website they created that just loops through and SPAMs a bunch of bad data into your Surefire database. When authorizing a domain, please just use the base domain name, such as You don’t need to use www, http, or specify a certain page on the site, all we need is the actual domain name.
  • Special Note for Lenderama Website users or WordPress users: If you embed the contact form code in any WordPress website under the HTML editor, and then switch over to the Visual editor, the embed code will be stripped because WordPress doesn’t know how to interpret it. So we have modified our Lenderama platform to disable the visual editor once any forms embed code has been added and saved to a page. So if you use our Lenderama website solution, please get the page looking the way you want with the visual editor first, then embed the form code. Because as soon as the form is embedded the visual editor goes away. To re-enable the visual editor for that page, you must delete the embed code yourself and then save the page. If you use any WordPress site other than our Lenderama solution, please remember to not use the visual editor for pages that use these forms, or else the form will be lost and you must re-embed.
  • All forms have an anti-SPAM math question to prevent bots from filling out your form with junk data. This feature cannot be disabled.
  • You can theme your forms as well, controlling things such as form width, color, font size, etc. These customizations generate unique embed code you can use. So you can embed the same form on 2 different sites, each one looking different because you have themed the embed code differently, but it is still the same form that feeds in data in the same place.
  • People who fill out your form aren’t automatically added as contacts in Surefire just yet, you must login and approve them using the Form Data Manager. You can reject any possible SPAM contacts.
  • The loan application is a custom type of web form. It does not generate embed code, instead there is a link you can copy and paste onto any website that links directly to your unique loan application.
  • You can only add completed loan applicants as contacts in Surefire. Pending applications, which are applications that aren’t completed yet, cannot be added as contacts. You can also add expired applications as contacts if you have not already done so.