Dynamic Videos

This tutorial walks you through the dynamic video library in Surefire, how to view samples of the videos, and how to incorporate these videos into email templates.

  • There is only a single library in the CRM Launch Pad for videos. They are all global Surefire since users cannot create their own videos.
  • You can modify your required documentation list, which is used in the Documentation Video, within the video library. This is done the same way you modify any other template in the library, please see this tutorial on using our content editor if you need help.
  • The documentation list can be custom for each user on an account, or admins can set it up to be companywide by selecting the appropriate folder when saving the template.
  • Everything in this video is good to know just so you know how things work. But generally when we launch a new video it already has an email template, and most likely already has a campaign as well. So you shouldn’t ever really need to create your own templates for use with these videos.
  • These videos include your realtor partner information as well as your own. So please make sure your agents, and your processors all have up to date contact info and pictures on file.