Email Blast

This tutorial covers the basics of how to send an email blast to your database (or a sub-section of your database) using Surefire. You can created targeted messages to send to specific sets of people. A few noteworthy items below:

  • When manually adding a contact to your recipient list their name will only show up in the search bar if they aren’t already in the email list and they have a valid email address.
  • When administrative users are sending a companywide email, the emails come from the correspond ending user (LO) for each contact.
  • Company-wide emails cannot utilize groups to add contacts to the list, only contact types and manual add. Groups are managed user by user so there would be no uniform way to use them on company-wide emails.
  • If your account is not setup to be able to use the email blast wizard then this option is not available to you.
  • If your account is not setup to be able to utilize the campaign manager or you don’t have permission to create new templates then you won’t be able to save emails as templates for future use.