Neighborhood Home Activity Report FAQ

Here are some common questions we get about the Neighborhood Home Activity Report – along with tips to help answer client feedback and optimize your response.

Why didn’t my client receive the Neighborhood Activity Report (NHAR) email blast?

Below is the criteria that must be met for your contact to receive the Neighborhood Activity Report email blast:

  • Has a valid email address on file (hasn’t bounced or opted out, and remember Already Taken statuses will not get this either)
  • Has a valid physical address, and not a PO Box
  • Is contact type client, prospect, or personal/family
  • We are able to correctly geocode the address (in other words get latitude and longitude, 99% of the time this isn’t an issue)
  • We are able to locate at least one listing within ¼ mile radius around their home. If our query does not identify at least one listing, that contact in your database will not receive a NHAR email.

Response from NHAR recipient: ”The home(s) listed in the report are not for sale.”

The data Top of Mind utilizes in deploying NHAR is imperfect. It is not uncommon for erroneous or dated listing information to cause false matches with these reports. The most common culprit of erroneous data is when a real estate professional syndicates “for sale” data and forgets to remove this information once the home has sold. Many times, these syndicated listing websites are programmed to automatically “refresh”. Here’s our suggested protocol for handling “inaccurate” feedback from a client:

1) Refer to the disclaimer within the text of the email and explain to client that these reports can be imperfect, albeit helpful on the whole.

2) Bonus Points: Google the address of the property in question. Review search results to find the likely culprit for our false match. Share your findings with your client. (Sometimes you’ll need to go 3 or 4 Google result pages deep to find the culprit.

3) Major Bonus Points: Once you’ve found the culprit, reach out to the corresponding real estate agent to point out the error. Top of Mind clients who take this step have found this to provide a valuable yet soft introduction to potential referral sources!

Response from NHAR recipient: ”Why doesn’t this report include the home down the street that I know for a fact is on the market?”

The “incomplete report” feedback should be handled in similar fashion as the “inaccurate” response. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with inaccurate information… and while we are always striving for perfection it is unrealistic we’ll ever get there.

We recommend you guide clients to understand these reports are meant to provide insight into the market. So long as clients do not view them as “the gospel”, we’ve found the NHAR continues to be among our best received and most successful email initiatives.

We hope this FAQ guide helps and thank you for implementing with Surefire!