Just Listed Alerts

Just Listed Alerts are based on research we conduct each week to match your database with properties listed for sale online. When someone in your database decides to move, we tell you who and when!

There are many selling opportunities with each alert:

  • You can offer to prequalify your client for their next loan. They are moving and may need a mortgage for their next house.
  • You can offer to help them sell this home using Surefire’s unique website platform that has the ability to create individual websites for a property listing.
  • You can meet with the listing agent and go over all of your marketing strategies
  • You can go to the former agent that helped your client buy the home originally (if applicable) and discuss how they missed this opportunity, but by demonstrating all of your marketing strategies, any mutual client you have in the future should remain loyal to you two as a team.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions