Lenderama Theme Options

You can use the Lenderama menu on the WordPress Dashboard to control color scheme, items (posts and pages) to display on your home page, flash slider/tabber customization, header text, adding a logo or custom banner to the header of your site, analytics / stat tracker code, etc.

Image Dimensions

Image Height Width
Home Page Slider
Fill Width Slider 240 px 960 px
Fill Width Slider Thumbnail 190 px 300 px
Column Width Slider 261 px 650 px
Column Width Slider Thumbnail 200 px 200 px
Black Text Banner (not an image) 68px variable
Home Page Thumbnails
Individual Post/Page 280 px 280 px
Side-by-Side Posts 120 px 100 px
Property Listing 280 px 280 px
Property Listing Images
House Pictures variable 640 px
Agent/LO Pictures 100 px 90 px
Agent/LO Logos variable 200 px
Staff Directory and Agent Profiles
Agent/LO Pictures 100 px 90 px
Website Header
Custom Banner variable (115 recommend) 960 px
Header Logo 100 px 600 px
Sidebar Images
Sidebar Image/Logo variable 245 px