Realtor Drip Campaign

Surefire’s 12-month task oriented Realtor Drip Campaign is a powerful tool to assist you in deepening your referral partner relationships. This campaign keeps you on schedule with your 1 on 1 meetings, sending powerful 1 to 1 emails, and industry related items such as articles and/or books that will resonate with your contact.

You can use the campaign that is currently available in Surefire’s CRM Launch Pad or learn how to create your own version.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Review of the importance of meeting with your potential referral partner and what to discuss
  2. Importance of Task Oriented Drip Campaigns vs automated email drips
  3. Review Surefire’s Campaign Builder
  4. Build a version of the Realtor Campaign
  5. Place a Realtor on the campaign


Step-by-Step Instructions

Power Session 8 Power Point


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