Signature/Profile Blocks

The area on all of your letters, cards, and emails that is personalized with your contact information is referred to as a signature block. This is where your name, company, title, licensing info, and contact information goes. These signature blocks can be edited on a user by user level, or admins can customize the look and feel for the entire company.

  • License Blurb is account-wide and can only be modified by account admins. This is general company licensing information that will be displayed on pretty much everything we send out for you: cards, letters, emails, print surveys, digital surveys, and loan application.
  • License Blurb is not automatically added to your Lenderama websites. To learn how to add this to your websites you can watch this tutorial.
  • License Blurb is also not included on the Address Stamper simply because of lack of space. But individual user license information (ie NMLS number) can be included. Just make sure each user on your account has filled out that information in the license field in their Surefire profile.
  • If customizations are made to a specific signature block on both a user level, and company level; the user level customizations will trump the company level customizations. If this is undesirable for account admins then as an admin you can restrict users from modifying these signature blocks.
  • The card profile controls the profile section for both greeting cards (that come in an envelope) and postcards. Keep in mind, certain postcard layouts may override certain settings such as font color and font size, this has to be the case due to size constraints and postcard banner background color.