Static and Dynamic Groups

Groups are a great way to segment your database to allow you to send targeted messages to specific subsets of your database. Static groups are groups where you manually move people in and out of them. And dynamic groups are basically saved searches where contacts move in and out of a group based on data stored in their contact record within Surefire.

  • When you delete a group it only deletes the grouping mechanism, none of the contacts in that group are deleted.
  • Groups are unique to each user on a multi-user account; they are not company-wide.
  • You can move contacts in and out of a static group either on the static group page, or on that person’s contact record under the Groups tab.
  • When creating a dynamic group as an administrative user, it is important to pay attention to the Contact Owner field. This is where you will indicate if you want only your contacts, only another user’s contacts, or you can leave blank to include any applicable contacts for the entire company-wide account.
  • When creating loan specific dynamic groups, it is important to pay attention to the Loan Status field. Most of the time when saving these loan searches you will only care about Closed loans, not In Process, Denied, or Withdrawn. So make sure Closed is selected for this option.