Using the Surefire Calendar

Your Surefire Calendar will look and feel like most other calendar software you’ve probably seen. This 8 minute tutorial will walk you through:

  • How to adjust the “Settings” of your Surefire Calendar to reflect your personal preferences. NOTE: The first time you click on the “Calendar” link within Surefire, you’ll be prompted to choose your settings.
  • How to ensure “Power Calls” such as client birthdays and loan anniversaries are built right into your Surefire Calendar – automatically.
  • How to create a Calendar Event – and how your Surefire Calendar interacts with the appropriate contact record – and vice versa. NOTE: It is best practice to associate Calendar Activities with Contact Records.
  • How to integrate “Power Calls” into your day. NOTE: Be sure to mark Power Calls as “Done” as you complete them. This will create a completed activity in the Contact’s Record.