Email status Already Taken

One of my contacts in Surefire has an email status of “Already Taken By Another User”, what does this mean?

Surefire has emails that we send out for you on your behalf automatically (the emails we send to your entire database once per month). For these emails, we are sending them all out at the same time for all of our clients. That being said, it isn’t doing anyone any favors if the same person gets the exact same email from two different loan officers at the same time. If that happens, the contact will know this is just an automated email from both loan officers and may opt out of both lists. So to prevent this from happening, we enforce email exclusivity for our automated emails. So if one of our clients has a contact with a specific email address, then he owns it. And if another Top of Mind client imports the same contacts with the same email address, the status of that email address will be Already Taken By Another User. Ownership of an email address is done on a first come first serve basis. That said, all this means is that any contact with the Already Taken By Another User status will not get the email blasts we send to your database automatically. However, they will still receive any emails that are part of a campaign they are on, or any manual email blasts you send yourself. These two types of emails will not result in a person getting the same email twice at the same time from two different people, so it is OK. Only the automatic monthly email blasts we send for you are the emails they will not receive. If you feel your contact may have this status in error feel free to let us know and we can double check for you. However, for privacy reasons we cannot tell you who the other originator is that has that contact.